Empires don’t strike back

Regardless of what the popular phrase is (inspired by Star Wars), empires don’t strike back. Shall we even examine what the phrase “strikes back” even means?

Striking is synonymous with inflicting damage, attacking, or making contact. So the concept of “what” is being struck, is important here. If we examine the notion of striking “back”, it’s obviously regarding retaliation of some kind. This seems, as though there is a primary source of the attack, that is NOT the empire under question.

So if the empire strikes back, who struck the empire, and is it universal?

This may seem like a pointless rant, but one must understand that similar to how we just over analyzed the notion of the “Empire strikes back”, one must also over analyze all Customer Discovery engagements with potential customers.

“Over analyzing conjecture & discourse, can lead to revealing conclusions” -Jovonni