“With Great Power”

I finally understand what is meant by “With great power comes great responsibility”, but let us examine.

First, we must provide the actual quote, that has been adopted over time.



We can now take a look at the notion of “With great power there MUST ALSO come great responsibility”. The visual from Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15, featuring Spider-Man helps to convey the context in which it is used.

After Uncle Ben dying, he is dealing with the regret of not stopping Uncle Ben’s killer as he escapes past him. This whole time I believed this quote just conveyed being responsible with the powers that you possess. It seems to me that this also speaks to having a responsibility to use these powers in more situations than you may realize. It even opens my mind to thinking of all of the situations in which you may have the responsibility to use your powers, without being aware of the situation itself.

When I think about the type of guilt that can be associated with not taking care of this responsibility, it can become another rabbit hole.