Why everybody should learn to code?


First off, I am very biased; so, let’s start there.

I have been a software engineer for about 8 years now, and it has transformed my life entirely.

  • I think completely different now. Every single problem that I have in my life, I debug. Debugging, loosely, means to keep breaking things to see what it causing something to happen. This allows one to observe the cause-and-effect relationship of a real world object.
  • It has opened doors for me, that I would have never had the opportunity to open. Being a software engineer, especially a good one, allows you to enter a fostering ecosystem of geniuses, and forward thinkers.
  • It has allowed me to rub shoulders with people that I have looked up to for years. There has been a plethora of individuals that I used to admire, based on their background, and the things that they have done. Many of these people are the same people who know me on a first name basis now.

There are many other reasons, some including financial perspectives, that I have about this career. However, this is a rant — so depth doesn’t matter too much :)


Bottom Line: LEARN TO CODE